About us

SwissTrading - the platform that will help you become a successful cryptocurrency trader.

SwissTrading was founded with the intent of creating a platform for education about trading cryptocurrencies.

Where others are only sending signals, we go deeper and offer our subscribers almost unlimited resources to trade successfully through both bull and bear markets. We focus on transferring our knowledge to our members, equipping them with the tools, methods and approaches that we deem necessary for sustainable success in crypto trading.

Why choose us?


There are dozens of signal providers out there with each of them promising you financial freedom through simply following them on auto pilot.

But ask yourself this question: Is it likely to achieve financial freedom without understanding the basic and advanced principles of trading? We came to the conclusion that this is impossible.

That is why we strive to provide you with everything you need to become a successful cryptocurrency trader: high-quality content on everything related to trading, exclusive Discord threads to discuss your questions, premium signals for both the spot and the future market, our exclusive market updates and fireside chats.

Achieving financial freedom and generational wealth is not impossible. By becoming a SwissTrading member, you will be able to follow our insights and gain a deep understanding of the market.
Compounding this knowledge and your general interest is the best way facilitating your path towards financial freedom. We will be very happy to share this journey with you.

The people behind SwissTrading

Peter Parker



Peter Parker

Peter Parker originally started the platform end of 2019 as a co-founder, helping to build the community in accordance to the highest quality standards.

Coming originally from the HighTech Consulting business, Peter Parker started his crypto trading journey far back in 2015. Driven by huge appetite for this new way of interchanging value, Peter Parker conducted all kind of trading and investment courses, with the result of missing dedicated and qualitative sound crypto guidance.

Over the years, he developed his own trading system, being able to adjust based on constant changing market conditions. His responsibilities here at SwissTrading include daily charting, market analysis and FireSide moderation.


Masters of code

What would be a team without the masters of code – the defender of lines – the brain behind the idea. Fast & Furious responding to daily changes and further optimization of our Website and Discord masterpiece! If he is not deep into the matrix, you will find him working out in the gym or walking his lovely dog.


The art of the impossible

Bringing an idea to life or better on the screen. Adding the right color and visible style, to it as simple as possible for our members to follow and use our services. Im responsible for a consistent look&feel across all our platforms and marketing channels. When not designing the next user story, Im in the kitchen to become the next Jamie Oliver…

Our core values


Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to our clients while participating in the cryptocurrency markets. Focus on your knowledge in combination with constant professional interaction and trainings, provides our clients with a unique strategy for the cryptocurrency markets.


The crypto market often feels like a wild west of information in which tons of opinions are shared across numerous social media platforms. To best help navigate this complex and chaotic environment, our team filters and share transparent views on the way forward.


Swisstrading.net follows the main principle of integrity. We want to be consistent, honest, responsible, and transparent. We will always be available to assist you with any kind of issue within the cryptocurrency markets.


Focus on the highest quality content. Our content has passed internal quality assurance, to make sure our members obtain the highest educational impact.

Good Vibes Only

You start alone, but you finish as a team... is not only a slogan, it’s our Swisstrading reality - we are one team, and having fun while doing so.


The entire Swisstrading team are highly committed to and passionate about cryptocurrency and have a positive outlook on the future of the blockchain and general cryptocurrencies.

Our Trusted Exchanges and

We have established a strong connection with our partners that comes from mutual respect. We only engage with exchanges and partners that have a solid background and where your funds are SAFU. If you have questions about setting up an account, please feel free to contact us

Our Trusted Exchanges

Our Partners

Do you want to become a successful trader? Do you expect a crypto community not only to share trade ideas, but get you further insights into the market and accompany you through your crypto journey?

If you can answer these questions with “YES”, then it is time to enroll yourself to our program and become a SwissTrading member.

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